Where do you get data from?
Our crawlers collect consumer digital footprint from publicly available data sources. Gathered information contains interaction between consumers and businesses in various channels from physical locations to social media and news. Natural language processing is then used to extract valuable insights like sentiments, topics and other details of interaction between consumer and brand. Our non-invasive demographic prediction technology is used to predict demographics of collected audiences.
Is Demografy analytics accurate?
The short answer is yes. For details you can take a look at our white papers section when we compare Demografy with surveys and self-reported data of reputable studies. For example, we predicted age groups distribution of Twitter users as 18-39 (51.5%), 40-59 (37.5%), 60+ (11%) compared to 50%, 36% and 14% respectively by comScore and Pew Research surveys and verified panel data.
What kind of data do you provide?
We provide demographic, sociographic, geographic, behavioral and technographic data depending on channel.
Can I have data on my competitors?
Yes. Since all data is extracted from publicly available sources you can have it virtually on everyone: from your competitors to industries as a whole if you conduct market research.
But how do you get competitor insights not available publicly?
We use publicly available data which can provide extremely valuable insights if you know how to process it. Thanks to our NLP and ML technologies we are able to do it. E.g. we don't need access to competitor's social media accounts to use closed marketing APIs to get demographics of their audience. We can extract it from raw public data.
I have tons of data but can't make sense of it. Can you help to get real value from it?
That's one of our core advantages. Traditional solutions provide you with dozens of charts and tables for which you need to hire data analysts to make sense of it and get real insights. We provide you with data and the fastest data analyst to extract insights from it, our NLP AI. It uses natural language processing and enables you to ask whatever questions you have directly using plain English.
Can I import my in-house data to get a better picture?
Yes. We actually started as a privacy by design data append service that can enrich in-house lists using only first name and last name (last name can be masked). So far we have processed more than 14M consumer records of our clients this way.
What data should I provide for data append?
Only first names and last names that can be masked. This guarantees complete anonymity of your customers or prospects. Having masked identities you can provide additional data as well like customer acquisition cost (CAC) or customer lifetime value (CLV) to help get more value from Demografy AI. This way it can answer you not only which buyer personas are most loyal to you but also their CAC and CLV or other KPIs.
Is there a free trial?
Yes, there is a 14 days free trial available if you sign up for early access to our beta.
When will you launch the beta?
We are doing our best to ship it in Q2 2022.