Fighting COVID-19? You can use Demografy for free

COVID-19 remains direct threat to our communities and continue to spread taking lives. Tech community always was and is on the frontline in case of emergency. And COVID-19 is not an exception.

And being a member of tech community Demografy is not an exception too. Today's battle against the virus is not limited to medical facilities and pharma research. One of the frontlines of combating COVID-19 is data. And advances in Artificial Intelligence is our weapon in this fight. New technologies and approaches in machine learning enable us to build predictive models for finding optimal treatment for specific demographics, predicting spread of decease among particular demographics and many more.

Being an AI tech company we offer our services for free to any non-profit initiative aimed to fighting COVID-19. You can enrich your datasets with demographic data to build more robust demographic centric solutions. Please reach us at if you need help.