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Howard Tullman once said “Private data is the oil of the Digital Age”. We believe it’s time to invent the solar power of the digital age.
Privacy is rapidly tightening and the amount of data is growing but not its usefulness. Ideal data company of the future is (1) privacy-first and (2) AI-powered (AI, not static charts and tables)
Today, data brokers and traditional analytics tools are the biggest contributors to data leaks. In 2019 alone 1.2 billion consumer records were leaked by them. While even Google Analytics risks its EU operations because of privacy concerns.
Insane amount of data and conventional algrorithms run in countless data centers. By 2040 data storage will contribute to 14% of carbon footprint. But businesses still struggle to understand their data.
Our mission is a safer, cleaner and smarter future. The one in which data analytics solutions don't jeopardize personal data and smarter algorithms extract real business value from much less amount of data.
Without having multi-million dollar infrastructure and billions of data points of consumer data, we built a smarter technology that redefines data analytics industry. It doesn't use any single bit of personal data and doesn't rely on third-party data brokers. Our state of the art natural language processing and machine learning technology extracts more value from much less data and really does make sense of your data.
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