from the web and use them via AI assistant, dashboard and API

Privacy by design multichannel consumer analytics platform that really helps understand your data

Why we

Extract real value with AI assistant

Privacy compliance

Multichannel analytics

Path from raw data to real business value is hard

It's getting harder to collect data
Privacy concerns
With most tools incompatible with data regulation and privacy concerns, even Google Analytics risk operations in EU
Even if collected businesses struggle to understand it
Can't understand data
Businesses understand collected data and can act upon it
Even if understood no way to have all channels in one place
No multichannel
Most solutions provide only single channel analytics e.g. social media only or websites only

Unlock your data using NLP

Struggle to make sense of dozens of charts traditional tools provide? You can cut through data noise by asking AI assistant directly anytime and anything you need.
consumer records of our clients trusted and counting

Privacy and GDPR/CCPA compliance

Our AI doesn't track users online and doesn't process any single bit of personal data requiring only masked names

Multichannel support

Instead of having separate tools for each channel, get 360 degree overview of your business or market in one place: from brick and mortar to social media.
show me demographics of my custom defined area

Enrich your data

Import and fuse your in-house data with Demografy AI without sharing sensitive information
Access data



API and integrations

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