Unlock demographic data
of your customers
Privacy by design AI platform
that predicts customer demographics
using only names
Get most out of the names
in your lists
sensitive data in-house
Demographic analytics
Analyze age, gender and other demographics of your audience by providing only list of names without disclosing personal data
Demographic data append
Get additional demographic data for each individual record in your list without providing personally identifiable information of contacts
We make both privacy
and actionable data possible
No sensitive information required
Data append services require personally identifiable information like phones or addresses of each person you need data for. We require none so all your private data stays in-house and thus safe.
No tracking
Unlike solutions that rely on third-party cookies we don't track your users. Their browsing histroy and identity remain safe and anonymous.
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prohibits non opt-in personal data use. With Demografy private data is not required at all thus your business can be GDPR-compliant.
Unlock and own your data
Up-to 100% Coverage
Data brokers have poor coverage even provided with private data and limit number of records you can provide it for. Demografy doesn't rely on databases and has industry-leading up-to 100% coverage. You can get data even from incomplete lists.
Use your data accross channels
You can export and use extracted demographic data in any software and marketing channel. You're not tied to a single platform.
Control quality of data
Predictable accuracy
Unlike traditional solutions, we provide estimate of accuracy before purchase. You pay only if predicted accuracy meets your data quality thresholds.
Manageable accuracy
Demografy predicts accuracy of individual records. You can purchase only records with higher estimated accuracy that meets your requirements.
For agencies and data brokers
Protect data
of your clients
You don't need to keep third-party personal data safe because you don't need to ask your clients to provide it at all. Working with non-personal data lowers your risks and increases number of clients ready to share their data with you.
Increase list volumes
and revenue
Without personal data restrictions your clients are able to provide bigger lists while you can provide up-to 100% coverage of these lists leading to much higher increase in overal list volumes.
Be GDPR-compliant
and stay in existing markets
GDPR closes European markets for non opt-in third-party personal data processing. GDPR-friendly technology creates a vital advantage if you work with list containing, at least partially, EU residents.
How it works
Step 1
Upload anonymized list
Upload anonymized list
Upload list of your customers or prospects that contains only names so sensitive data like addresses and emails stays with you, thus remaining secure. You can even provide list with partially masked last names.
Step 2
AI detects demographics
AI detects demographics
Demografy's artificial intelligence detects demographics of each record, augments your whole list with missing data and generates analytics reports
Step 3
Get analytics and data
Get analytics and data
View all your demografied data as analytics and lists in our beautiful dashboard or export it to use in any other software for your marketing purposes
Coming soon
Third-party plugins
Integrations with popular CRMs, eCommerce platforms and more so you can see rich demographic data without leaving software of your choice
APIs for developers to build custom and flexible integrations with your apps and services
More demographic indicators
Additional demographic indicators coming soon
Get started
Free trial, no CC required
No commitement and flat fees, pay as you go
Accuracy estimate before purchase