First platform that turns names
in your lists
into actionable
demographic data
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Demografy is AI-based noninvasive technology that enables you to get gender, age, cultural affinity and other crucial demographic data about your audience providing only names to keep sensitive information safe
Get most out of
the names in your lists
keeping sensitive data in-house
Boost your marketing campaigns
with demographic targeting
Make more personalized offers
knowing your customers and prospects better
Get rich customer insights
Fuel your business growth
with actionable data and AI in many other ways
It's easy
Step 1
You upload anonymized list
You upload anonymized list
Upload list of your customers or prospects that contains only names so sensitive data like addresses and emails stays with you, thus remaining secure. You can even provide list with partially masked last names.
Step 2
AI detects demographics of your list
AI detects demographics of your list
Demografy's artificial intelligence detects demographics of each record, augments your whole list with missing data and generates analytics reports
Step 3
You view or export analytics and data
You view or export analytics and data
View all your demografied data as analytics and lists in our beautiful dashboard or export it to use in any other software for your marketing purposes
What makes us different
Privacy by design
Privacy of your list is safe by design as we do not ask sensitive information like addresses or emails at all. We use artificial intelligence to extract demographics from as little data as possible. You can even partially obscure last names.
100% coverage
Unlike traditional approaches, we have 100% coverage of your whole audience. All you need to know about people is their names which enables you to get data even from incomplete lists.
Controlled accuracy
There is no 100% accurate approach in customer intelligence but we are the only solution that provides estimate of accuracy for each record before purchase. You pay only for records that meet your data quality thresholds.
Low price, no monthly fee
Without having side costs like purchasing third-party consumer databases we keep prices low via customer-friendly pay-as-you-go model. No commitment, no upfront costs, no recurring payments.
Case study
We measured Twitter demographics pretty close
Pew Research, comScore
Surveys and verified panel data
Demografy's AI
The details of methodology is provided by request
If you have questions feel free to get in touch